The story begins in June 1992

It all begins in 1992. The roots of The Roseman came from a Dutch grower who decided to go the Ecuador to start a brand-new rose farm. And you know it; The Dutch have it when it comes to flowers! Ecuador was an easy choice; it’s geographically and naturally the best place in the world to grow quality roses.

They settled down on the foot of the volcano Cayambe. Right on the top of the Equator and just an hour’s drive from the capital Quito. Here they found the perfect growing conditions: a mild climate, an attitude of 2.800 meters above sea level, 12 hours of sunlight a day and a average temperature of 57 degrees °F. All necessary conditions to grow the most beautiful roses of the world with the largest flower buds in the most brightest colors.

They built modern greenhouses with processing areas and cold storage. Taken care of that, the family then looked for the right local people. Those with a natural passion, a sparkling joy of life, a love for nature and a desire to learn. They hired them and trained them in the Dutch grower tradition.

Since that time they form a strong team together. They work with joy and passion and developed the unique Roseman approach. In this way they manage to grow every single day quality roses judged as being the best Fair Trade roses in the world.

Roses that are nurtured in the fertile valleys of Ecuador. Grown specially for you, with knowledge and passion. Handpicked specially for you, with dedication and enjoyment. Packaged specially for you, with care and attention. Delivered specially to you with a message. The message of love.