Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ covers almost every question.

Q.What is the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

A.The Roseman´s job is to deliver perfect roses for any occasion. We take care of your important gift; it’s our mission to supply the world with the best quality Roses. We do everything possible to send every box of Roses out with a lot of care, directly from the farm.

However there are certain things that we can´t control, at the end it’s natures product we deliver. We admire perfection, but unfortunately nature gives us these imperfections to show us all of her beauty also. We fully stand behind our product and expertise, we are the product specialist in this industry, and therefore if we mess up we will make it right! We will make sure that you won´t regret to choose for The Roseman, therefore we will always provide you a free replacement or equivalent store credit in case anything goes wrong. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

However, there are occasions in where things are just beyond our control which we cannot cover: Acts of God, weather that causes delays, wrong- or non-existent addresses.

Q.How do you ship Roses directly from the farm?

A.Because we have our own production farms located in Ecuador, we can absolutely control the process from the cut in the field until the drop-off at the airport. You can experience more about this process at our YouTube movie:

Q.How do they stay fresh?

A.Roses like a cool and fresh environment. Keep them out of direct sunlight. Use fresh crystal clear water and a clean vase. For more information have a look at our care-instructions.

Q.Do you offer any other product besides Roses?

A.At the moment The Roseman specializes exclusively in Roses only.

Q.Do you support 24h service?

A.No, because we are exclusively delivering from our own farms located in Ecuador, we cannot supply this service. The reason is simple; As we receive your order we cut the Roses in the greenhouse for you, process them and ship them out with a priority delivery service which takes more time!

Q.Why Roses from Ecuador?

A.The best roses in the world come from Ecuador! Why?
Roses need intensive sunlight, warm days and cold nights. Ecuador supplies that as no other country in the world. The farms are located on the slopes of the Cayambe volcano at an altitude of 2800m above sea level. Also Ecuador is located right on top of the Equator. This supplies the best conditions possible in the world to grow roses at. Because we want to supply you with the best quality roses possible, we are limited to supply our roses only from Ecuador.

Q.How come there are no surcharges, such as the shipping charge?

A.We offer an all-in price. Many websites offer cheap flowers, but during the checkout process they trick you with surcharges and shipping cost, which at the end, almost doubles the price! We are very against these kinds of policies. We offer you a fair, transparent, all-in price! This includes the transport, the roses, the gift card, everything!

Q.How long are your stems?

A.For now we choose exclusively for 24 inch stem length, as we grow the business we think about using other lengths also.

Q.Can I call customer service?

A.We are currently handling all customer service requests through email, (LINK to customer service page).

Q.To where does The Roseman ship?

A.We ship to 50 states within the USA, currently it’s not possible to ship to Hawaii & Alaska.

Q.Does somebody have to be there to accept the delivery?

A.The Roseman offers “Indirect signature required”.
Indirect signature required means that the recipient or someone at the location (or at an address close by) must sign for the package to be delivered.

Q.Do you guarantee delivery on specific dates?

A.You can specify a particular delivery date and we will do our best to hit that exact date. But we do not control directly our third party delivery service; we cannot "guarantee" delivery on a specific date. However, the vast majority of deliveries will be delivered on the specific date requested or the day prior.

Q.Why can't I order for weekends or Mondays?

A.Remember that we send you the freshest roses directly from the farm located at Ecuador to the final destination. This means that we don’t have stock inventory located in the USA (because that would not be farm direct and would give you not fresh flowers). Therefore we depend on the flight connections per week from Ecuador into the USA. Monday deliveries are not possible due to US Customs being closed on Sundays. If you have a special event that falls in this window, we suggest ordering for a Friday or Tuesday delivery.

Q.My order has been confirmed. Can I cancel it? Change the flowers? Change the note?

A.While we wish we could accommodate every situation and every request, once an order has been shipped out there is little we can do. Given that our product is perishable and must travel from Ecuador to the final destination, we cannot cancel or refund after the shipping date. If a recipient may not be home or similar, we can request a reroute to a different address by our delivery service supplier. We will always strive to provide the best service possible, but there are occasions that can´t fulfill.

Q.How do I provide special instructions for delivery?

A.Please check your tracking-number on the delivery service website. You are able to customize your delivery! Just click on the Tracking number provided in the shipping confirmation email and click "Customize Delivery" located on the page.

Q.Customer Services

A.You can always contact us here or by emailing us at info@theroseman.com. We man our e-mail almost 24/7 and respond within a few hours.