Fairtrade International

Center for Children's Development “Pétalos y Sonrisas” / “Petals and Smiles”

The Pétalos y Sonrisas “ Petals and Smiles” Child Development Center project receives recognition by the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion for educational quality for having the most extensive facilities and the best infrastructure and teaching equipment among 45 children's centers in the Cayambe Canton, for the care of boys and girls of the community.

This entity is also recognized for being the only one in the area that provides free medical care, transportation, psychological care and social work.

Program of Attention and Prevention of Gender-Based Violence "Mujer Florece" / "Blossom Woman"

The Roseman, aware of the high rate of gender violence and family violence reported by its workers on a daily basis, implemented a prevention program on this topic, so that women and their families can identify the various types of violence learn protection strategies and become aware of the importance of putting limits on all acts of abuse in order to cultivate respectful relationships with their environment. Since 2017, we signed an agreement with the organization CRS International to implement the Support Groups methodology for Women

Affected by Violence, The Roseman being the first private company in the country to execute this program, the same that was initially supported with its own funds. and international and now it is financed and sustained year by year with the Fair Trade fund 

“Mujer Florece” “Blossom Woman” has enabled therapeutic care to be provided to workers and their daughters who were or are being victims of gender, sexual, intra-family, physical and psychological violence, achieving with this program a more harmonious environment for themselves and their families.

"Guardians of the Environment"

The Roseman develops vacation activities for the children of the workers as part of an environmental responsibility program called "Environmental Guardians". This is a fun way to teach children respect and care for their environment.

We raise awareness about the responsibility that children have in conserving our planet through games and making crafts and toys with recycled materials such as bottles and cardboard, motivating them to reduce the use of plastics and protect our water.

Training Project for Adolescent Children of Workers "Seeds that Bloom"

Every year we develop a training project for the teenage children of our workers and for the children of the community. Approximately 120 adolescents are trained so that they know how to identify and face the social problems that arise in their environment and have an idea of how they will influence their life project; We educate in topics such as: prevention of drug and alcohol consumption, early pregnancy, sexually

transmitted diseases, school dropout, motivation for study. In the workshops we use a playful and participatory methodology taught by professional psychologists to reinforce their self-esteem and at the same time, this knowledge favors them in decision-making, with positive attitudes and values to face the challenges of personal and social development.

Productive Entrepreneurship and Personal Development Project "My Hands are Art"

We generate productive enterprises to promote family, popular and solidarity economy activities, contributing to the development of capacities and opportunities that improve the living conditions of workers and their families.

This year we implemented training workshops on patisserie, flower arrangements, beauty and skin care, financing with the Fair Trade premium the training of more than 100 workers on our farms, their husbands and sons also benefited.

 With these trainings we get our people to learn other creative ways to generate income for their family.

Digital Literacy Program

The Roseman considers digital literacy as part of its workers' fundamental right to education. For this reason, it creates a computer training space for people between the ages of 35 and 50 who have completed basic primary education. The courses are continuous and directed by specialists; They are free and include basic computer, internet, email, access to personal bank pages, Office Pack.

In the survey carried out at the beginning of the course, most have a computer at home or a nearby computer center and use it with the help of family members. At the end of the course the workers are satisfied with their progress and want to continue learning.

Some of the comments made by the workers were: "Now we understand the computer better, we lost its fear ..." - "I learned to be with the computer since I didn't know anything about its management" - "Be more communicated with my friends and family ”-“ Communicating online with family members who are far away is faster and more effective ”-“ It gave me new knowledge unknown to me, I felt content and happy that with my 51 years I achieved it ”-“ Knowledge is very important for my because I felt ignorant in front of my children, today I can share with them "-" I felt that I could still learn, I felt good "