About The Roseman

The journey of The Roseman began in June 1992.

A Dutch grower attracted by the beauty of the Ecuadorian land embarked on an adventure and decided to start a brand-new rose farm on the foot of the volcano Cayambe. Right on the top of the Equator.

Ecuador is geographically and naturally the best place in the world to grow quality roses. It has the perfect growing conditions: a mild climate, an attitude of 2.800 meters above sea level, 12 hours of sunlight a day and an average temperature of 57 degrees °F. All necessary conditions to grow the most beautiful roses of the world.

We take pride in our fantastic team of local farmers that have grown loving the land from one generation to the next and with passion and dedication nurtured in the fertile valleys of Ecuador.

The Roseman roses are grown and handpicked specially for you to deliver a message of love and respect for nature.